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Pheasant Bird Card Option #2 - Punch on Return

Bird Card Details

With the Punch on Return cards, only the birds recovered are deducted until 60% of the birds from your card have been released or the first weekend in January. In either case, (60% or 1st weekend in January) all birds released are pre-punched.


We determine the number of birds released based on the 10% rule (i.e. standard plant). Each time, you make a reservation, we will release 10% of the number of birds purchased in a designated field. Ex: You purchase a 50 bird card, we release five (5) birds each time you come out (Standard Plant). Under the Punch on Return Card, if only one out of five are recovered, one bird comes off your card. The exception to the rule is if you request a custom plant. 


Custom Plant
A custom plant is anything other than a standard plant and the number of birds released will be deducted from the card, regardless of the number of birds recovered. *No custom plants after the second weekend in January.


With either type of card, members are allowed to free roam from their designated field after two hours, but only in those areas that are not occupied by other hunters. 

Pheasant Hunting California
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