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Hunt Details

All waterfowl hunts are fully guided by our professional, licensed waterfowl guides. We do not over hunt our properties. They are managed to give you the best opportunity that we can provide. Depending on where the birds are, we will move around. Our blinds range from 3-4 man rice field tanks to above ground brush blinds or you may find yourself just sitting on a tulle seat in a marsh setting. Don't fall off the seat, we will take a pic and post.


We also do layout blind hunts, primarily for geese, if you can't do a sit-up, this type of hunt may not be for you. Depending on what mother nature throws at us, we also have areas that will naturally flood providing us with some exciting Mallard and Woody Shoots.  Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery to see pictures of our recent hunts! Bird cleaning is available.

Garcia's Waterfowl Hunt Guarantee

Garcia's Hunting Preserves

You may get wet, you may get cold, you might even miss a bird or two but for sure the sun will come up and go down. IT'S HUNTING, NOW LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!


Guided Early Season Honker or Late Season Spec Pricing

$400.00 per person  - Two hunter minimum for a 1/2 day hunt

Waterfowl Season (Duck Hunts)

Single hunter - $350.00 - for a 1/2 day hunt

2-3 hunters - $300/each - for a 1/2 day hunt

Garcia's Hunting Preserves

Waterfowl Season (Goose Hunts)

$300.00 per hunter for a 1/2 day hunt

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