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Current, New and Potential Members ~ 

The response we have seen this year for Pheasant and Chukar cards is impressive and very appreciated. We wanted to reach out and answer some general questions and give some reminders about our pheasant/chukar operations. 

  • What day do we officially open? Saturday, October 24th. 

  • What are our hours of operations? Wednesday through Sunday, weekdays start at 9 AM and weekends start at 8 AM. 

  • Where is our facility located? We are located outside of Lincoln. The best way to find us is to use our Google Link here:

  • Is there a membership fee? No, all of our hunts are individually priced. There are two different bird card options and we have day hunts as well. Check it out on our website here.

  • Are you still selling bird cards for the upcoming season? Yes, we sell bird cards throughout the season and always accept new members. 

  • Can you have more than one person on a bird card? Yes, you can share a bird card with another person. Standard plants apply to all cardholders when coming out for a hunt. 

  • How are the hunts organized? All hunts (both bird card holders and day hunts) are by reservation and reserved field. We provide multiple time slots each hunt day to accommodate everyone. 

  • Are dogs required for the hunts? Yes, dogs are required. If you do not have a dog, we can provide a dog with its handler at additional fee.

  • Can you free roam after your reserved field hunt? Free Roaming is open to bird card holders only. 

  • Where do you find details on Club Guidelines, etc? Our Application Packet has all of the info here. 20/21 Application Packet

  • What is a good way to check out our operation? A good way is to schedule a day hunt, we can go through any questions you have and you can get a hunt in too. Or you are welcome to stop by when we are open. 

  • How do I make a reservation? There are 3 ways to make a reservation: You can email us at, please include day, # of birds, hunters and if you need dog/handler, go through website, Contact Us Page, or give us a call at (916) 847-1584. 

  • Questions? call us at (916) 847-1584 and we would be happy to go any questions, you have. 

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